Welcome to Work Health Safety Matters


WHSM commenced operation in 2002 and is an accredited workplace rehabilitation provider with WorkCover NSW and Comcare. WHSM also provides rehabilitation and return to work services to self-insured companies and within the CTP and Income Protection schemes. Through WHSM's innovative, proactive and superior service provision it has developed professional relationships with major Commonwealth and NSW Government agencies, private employers, insurers and health professionals. WHSM tailors services and programs to meet the unique needs of each of their clients and customers to ensure the highest quality service provision that is outcome focus, evidence based, cost effective and durable.

WHSM consists of a team of highly qualified, experienced and motivated health professionals trained in the areas of occupational therapy, occupational health and safety, workplace ergonomics, injury management, rehabilitation counselling and psychology.

WHSM specialises in complex case management and we have an excellent history of achieving successful, durable and cost effective outcomes. Service standards are regularly reviewed with our clients in order to maintain relevance and reflect any changes within the client’s organisation.